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20 years serving the Houston area. Professional, friendly and uplifting atmosphere.

Meet Dr. Price

Dr. Price is a highly respected chiropractor in the Houston community. He believes in holistic practice and understands the role of stress and emotion in the etiology of disease and pain. Through leadership in health and fitness education, research, compassion and a desire to serve Dr. Price is committed to helping others acquire the knowledge to keep themselves healthy. He truly believes that “A healer is not one who heals others, but one who empowers others to heal themselves.”

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Special Techniques

Dr Price has very “Unique” techniques that he offers, some he has learned from masters, some he has developed on his own. These are only by request. While spending time with many unknown “masters” he learned that many pain/blockages that a person is experiencing has not healed because of the deep emotional connection someone may be experiencing from a past trauma/drama in their life. There are many levels to address when working with a person, the physical body is yet just one. How a person relates to another person and their personal relationship to others may be the underlying real pain that they are experiencing. How can that be? Well, even their career choices and how they manage stress will affect their general health. With removal of these “blockages” a person can experience pain relief, mental clarity and the ability to tap into their intuitive abilities with ease. Living a life full of joy and happiness is what most of us seek, is there any other way to live?

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At the Houston International Wellness Center our mission is to provide the best quality alternative health care of today. Multidisciplinary backgrounds of traditional and non-tradition techniques are used to acquire our high amount of success. We strive to reach the goals of each person whether it is to climb Mount Everest or just to get out of the bed each day without pain. Our intention is to serve you in a way that you gain the most from this experience. This approach and your choices and highest good are never violated.


Our vision is to see each patient reach their personal goals. We not only provide you with the highest quality products on the planet, we offer a teaching system that educates each and every patient about their own bodies, so they can take their health into their OWN hands. We have achieved our goal when patients do not completely rely on us, but empower them to learn to apply this knowledge to treat themselves and their families. Health choices should be made by the patient and the doctors provide the procedures and services. We call this freedom of choice for your own health.

Why Us

  • We take challenging cases.

  • Wellness education center with monthly lectures

  • Advanced training in Detoxification procedures

  • Nutritional & fitness assessment for all levels of training

  • Special treatments for children & nutritional challenges

  • Developer of many Emotional release techniques