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When we speak of “Medicine” we are not referring to allopathic medicine (prescription drugs, surgery, etc.), we mean the medicine of plants, herbs, and healing techniques from our past.

Dr. Price has had the Unique pleasure of spending a large part of his life learning from many masters of the “old” ways, the ancient techniques and procedures from cultures all around our planet. We live in a very sophisticated society here in the U. S., but this type of treatment is not always what a person may need. We treat people here with chemistry only! Not everyone has a chemical issue. More is needed.

There were many times that you would find an old-world master staying at Dr. Price’s home, maybe a Chinese Tai Chi master, Apache medicine man, or even a Shaman from south America. There were also many nights after working a full day you would find Dr. Price spending many hours studying with Medical Intuitives and other very unique doctors from all walks of life. Once Hillary Clinton’s medical doctor from India spent time with Dr. Price and taught him an ancient breathing technique that she had learned from one such master. A technique that had been passed down from hundreds of years from generation to generation. To her surprise, she said he was the only person that was able to successfully perform the technique with her. Till this day, he is still amazed by that particular experience.

So there is no special certificate that he hangs on the wall from these experiences, it was the knowledge that he was privileged to be passed down to him, and of course, being in the right place at the right time.

Many of these techniques he only uses for his own personal use, some he teaches in his classes and programs, but there are those that he uses every day in his practice. The Chinese bodywork is utilized almost every day, even though it is quite intense, it gives great relief to many people who are in pain and have not found relief anywhere else.

Dr. Price has spent 35 years training in the martial arts and still operates his full-time school. These many years have taught him invaluable information about the human body and how it works and how to put it back together. This information would never have been taught in any medical school or chiropractic college. Over the years many martial art masters have crossed his path, and many lessons have been learned. Some very well-known, some not. One thing that almost every master has explained to him is this; the highest form of martial arts is learning to heal the human body. This may be a shock for some, but to really understand how to hurt someone can be simple, but learning how to heal them can be quite challenging. That is why a master is a master, they have learned to heal themselves.

Dr. Price has also had the privilege of being the personal Doctor of these many masters. Nothing has pleased him more than healing the old masters and helping to add more years to their bodies for training. You might be surprised at his A-list of masters who he has helped at some point in life, I know he is very grateful for that opportunity and is thankful for the lessons they have given him in return.

The main thing we would like for you to understand, is there are endless ways to assist the human body to function better. There is never just ONE technique, but several that a person may need to regain back their quality of life. Just because a person has not gained the quality of life that they fully seek to achieve, we give you this bit of advice – NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.

Seek always to reach your personal goals, keep only positive, and remember life is like country dancing; two steps forward, one step back. Always moving forward.


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