Chiropractic care for Car Accident Injury by Houston Chiropractor Dr Patrick Price

Car Accident Injury Chiropractor

Dr. Patrick Price a Houston Chiropractor gives you a unique overall view of what happens to your body and spine after a car accident injury.

When people are involved in a “car (crash) accident” they usually don’t think; “hey I need to see a chiropractor!” Only those who already have a chiropractor know the secret. Most end up in the Emergency Room, especially if there is intense pain and they are really traumatized (broken bones, concussion, contusions, etc.). This is the first place you should be if you have any of these type of conditions. But once you have been released by the hospital – then what? You think, hey I am ok – I feel better now. That is correct you will eventually be out of pain, but the truth is you still have “unseen” issues. What I am trying to help educate you on is the damage has been done, and yes you still have trauma that is unresolved. Over time the care accident injury will resurface again, it always does. It may be six months, a year, five, even ten years down the road, but it always comes back to haunt you.

You see patients of chiropractors already know the “secret,” they know that even the next day following a car accident they should be seen and have a full exam, x-rays and “spinal (adjustment) alignment” immediately! The body is a unique machine and it will make adjustments and adaptations to compensate for a trauma. These new adaptations will reduce movement in your spine and cause other spinal limitations.

The hunchback of Notre Dame probably had no pain! But look at him, all bent over with so many bones out of place, and without normal range of motion in his spine, where would you start working on this guy? All joking aside – don’t end up like him, of course I am exaggerating, but this is just how bad posture begins – from trauma.

The quicker you reduce your inflammation from car accident injury with chiropractic adjustments and therapy, the quicker your body returns back to its normal posture and function, which saves you pain and suffering in the years to come. I would say 75-80% of all patients I see with pain have a past trauma which set things in motion. Trauma even from a small fall that seemed innocent in nature can become a serious life long chronic condition.

Let me give you an example; I had a 34 year old male patient that I had been seeing for intense low back pain for a few sessions. His pain did not seem to change much from the treatments, so I sent him to get x-rays, especially for his cervical spine not just his low back. We initially did not take films because he claimed there was no past trauma and because of his age and good health. Just as I had expected, I could see the signs of trauma in his neck. Two bones were jammed together, which would only happen with trauma for a young person. It also showed loss of his cervical curve. When you see the loss of the cervical curve you will almost always see loss of the lumbar spine curve, this is how the body works, gravity is our friend or enemy at times. So, the reason he had low back pain was because of his cervical spine. The patient then told me, he had forgotten about TWO previous car accidents, one he said he was severely injured. Also, in the past his arms had been having numbness and tingling sensations that went away with time. You see, once you dig a little deeper with patients they forget even past injuries such as these.

After a few treatments, focused on his cervical spine – all his low back pain was magically gone.

The message here is; don’t delay after having a car accident, get treated properly with chiropractic care from your Houston doctor. It will save you a possible surgery from your car accident injury in the years to come from just this type of trauma.

Even with Chiropractic care being one of the best treatments for car accidents, many people don’t think about this type of care. Having a non-surgical, drug-free treatment can be one of the best choices you can make when it comes to natural care that produces real results.

Car Accident Injury types

There are specific Injuries caused by Car Accidents

Here are a few type of injuries you might experience with car accidents.

  • Concussions (Post-Traumatic Brain trauma)
  • Contusions (Cuts scraps, bruising)
  • Herniated Discs (Painful bulging of a disc)
  • Sprains/Strains of the Spine
  • Knee and Shoulder injuries (Common car accident traumas)
  • Bruised Ribs (Seat belt injuries can cause this)
  • Chest Pain (Another seat belt injury)

Whiplash is probably the most well known car accident injury. Typical with a “rear end collision” the forceful movement of the head and neck being jerked back and forth. This quick motion can cause serious neck (cervical) muscle and ligament damage. Whiplash injuries can be mild in some cases and severe in others, depending on the health of the individual and the force of the impact.

Car Accident Injury Care

Symptoms of Car Accident Injuries

  • Headaches (This is probably the #1 symptom)
  • Neck or Shoulder pain (Usually does not show up right away)
  • Back pain (It can be your mid-back down to your lower back)
  • Numbness and Tingling (Usually in your upper body and neck, also your jaw)
  • Insomnia (The pain will keep you from being comfortable at night)
  • Fatigue (The shock of trauma and pain can leave you exhausted with no energy)
  • Anxiety (Many patients will develop this from the nervous system being over stimulated)
  • Loss of Range of Motion (Especially in the cervical spine from the muscle spasms)

Car Accident Injury in Houston

What can I expect from Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries in Houston

When it comes to finding a Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Price is one the most “unique” doctors in town. His view is the body is not just a machine, but has a physical, chemical & emotional connection that needs someone with special skills to take a deeper look at your condition. Instead of performing the same technique and procedure over and over to every person, he looks at each person as a unique and different complex individual. His style of treatment will provide for you the most overall detailed assessment, plan and treatment you will find in Houston.

Reduction of Inflammation- When you begin to receive Chiropractic care, the body begins to function better. The joints will move better and the nerves will have less pressure on them, this movement will help the joints move without restriction and inflammation will then disappear.

Returns Motion- As the inflammation begins to disappear the motion of each spinal segment can return to its normal range of motion. You can turn your head better, twist and flex like you once did again, and now you can return to your life once again without pain.

Pain relief– Probably the most anticipated part of your treatment will be the relief of PAIN. This will happen without the use of medications and their side-effects. Life returns back to normal when the pain resides and the inflammation disappears. Natural care at its best!

Reduction of Scar Tissue- Anytime you have an injury your body will develop scar tissue which can reduce your movement and cause pain. Chiropractic adjustments return the motion of a joint and break up the scar tissue. Further therapy will allow your body to heal from car accidnet injury without the restrictions that scar tissue can have after an injury.

To Heal your body, Because Chiropractic works for car accident injury – Chiropractic adjustments have been shown time and time again to be the #1 choice for soft tissue injuries, especially car accidents. Dr Price has many years of experience from working on many injuries, whether he is using low-impact treatments or regular chiropractic adjustments. Trust that you are in good hands, with natural non-toxic natural therapies, your body will heal faster and with “real” results. If you expirience pain beacuse of car accident injury, consult us and schedule a visit today and we will guide you the right way to release this pain!


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