Your First Visit


Our medical questioner is quite thorough since we don’t want to miss important information that is essential to your overall health. Every question is looked over by the doctor which gives him much insight as to why you are really here and to what procedures you may need. To speed things up, you can download a patient information document here.


Once you have finished your paperwork, you will now visit with the doctor to discuss your case history and treatment options. Cases will vary from someone with a very simple case to the most complicated. Dr. Price wants to make sure that all stones have been overturned. A treatment on the first visit is determined by the case presented. Pain cases are usually treated on the first visit.

X-Ray Studies

Many cases will be referred to have x-rays taken, especially if there is trauma or pain. We have a local center that takes our films for us. The x-ray will many times determine your proper treatment plan.

History & Examination

Our Chiropractic office uses the typical orthopedic & neurological testing procedures as required by the state of Texas. Dr Price has many other testing procedures that he has developed to get to the core issues you may have in your own unique case. Your history will reveal many things from your past, but the detailed examination will help in determining the course of action to be taken to re establish your health.

Your next appointment

After you have finished your time with the doctor, your follow-up visit will be scheduled for you to discuss options in your personalized case. This is a time for you to go home and make decisions for yourself and for the future of your health.


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