Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing

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The LIVER/GALLBLADDER System Introduction

A normal blood test does not always indicate when there are problems with the Liver since you need the destruction of Red Blood cells for a liver enzyme test to show positive for liver complications.  A SLUGGISH LIVER does not have a test that shows positive for this condition, only a trained Holistic Doctor (or Shaman) knows the signs to look for. Here is a list of symptoms to look for:

Gallbladder problems (trouble digesting fats), insomnia, bad breath, weight gain, constant fatigue, heart palpitations, poor memory, skin problems, poor complexion, allergies, arthritis, thyroid problems, hormone problems, frequent numbness in extremities, frequent infections, joint pain, and fainting.

Liver Functions

The liver is the most important organ after the heart. It performs hundreds of functions including:

  1. Circulation: transfer of blood from the portal vein to the systemic circulation, the activity of the liver’s reticuloendothelial system in the immune system. The liver stores and regulates the blood and is responsible for nourishing every cell in our body. Every part of the body depends on blood from the liver for nourishment and sustenance.
  2. Excretion: formation and secretion of bile for digestion and cleansing of blood; removal of ammonia from blood; excretion of substances filtered from the blood by the liver such as heavy metals, dyes, and other chemicals.
  3. Metabolism: carbohydrate, protein, lipid (fat), mineral and vitamin metabolism; manufacturing and storage of many nutrients such as glucose and vitamins; production of heat through metabolism.
  4. Protection and detoxification: removal of foreign bodies from the blood (phagocytosis); detoxification by conjugation, methylation, oxidation, and reduction.
  5. Production: formation of urea, serum albumin, glycogen, and blood coagulation proteins such as prothrombin, fibrinogen, and heparin; erythrocyte (red blood cells) destruction.
  6. Regulation of hormones: inactivation and elimination of hormones through the bile or urine. Since estrogen and androgen are both growth hormones that stimulate cell division, the elevation of their levels in the blood are due to the liver’s failure to remove them efficiently. This can lead to abnormal growths such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, breast cysts, breast cancer, prostate enlargement, or prostate cancer. Excessive estrogen is also the most common cause of painful menstruations.

How to Restore your Liver

Nutritional deficiency is a common problem for individuals with liver disorders. Most nutrients pass through the body without being assimilated if the liver is weak.  Many people take their vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements for years without any effect. Their only improvement came after their liver was cleansed and strengthened. Supplements taken by individuals with weak livers may end up as waste products for the body to dispose of because the supplements cannot be digested or assimilated with a weak liver. Especially fish oils.

While learning to restore your own liver (Liver/gallbladder cleanse) to health it is important to utilize liver and gallbladder flushing and by eliminating all liver and kidney weakening foods such as; white flour, white sugar, caffeine, chocolate, deep-fried foods, all citrus fruits, tomato, banana, cold drinks and foods which chill the liver and kidneys. Take supplements or foods rich in Vitamin B’s, C, and minerals to nourish your organs. You can also use many different types of Glandulars to feed and nourish the hormone system naturally.

What about exercise?

Learning QI GONG/TAI CHI (QI GONG video) can make a big difference to your routine, it did for me.  Having a Tai Chi master move in and live with me for a year was quite the experience that I needed, it does not get any closer than having someone like that live with you. I also learned real Chinese massage, which is quite painful, yet very relieving in the same. If you survive the first three sessions, you are on the homebound. I soon found no pain in my body and was still training heavily in martial arts weekly. To my surprise the soft CHI training in Qi Gong actually helped improve my overall martial arts training, the grounding techniques made my body more balanced and centered at all times. It became easier to treat patients in my office, little did I know that I had just made my life much easier in many ways, which greatly improved my personal quality of life.

Exercise stimulates blood circulation, even just 5-10 minutes a day on a rebounder. When blood circulates better, all organs function better. Stretching and deep breathing exercises early in the morning provide the most benefit for anyone with a sluggish liver. According to Chinese medicine, the liver works hard to filter our blood between 1 to 3 am during our sleep. A fair amount of blood may still be retained in the liver when we wake up in the morning if the liver is congested. Early morning exercises help to move the blood out of the liver into the circulating system.  So this is a good time to use that rebounder or jump rope if you can. One of the symptoms of the excess blood retained in the liver is waking up in the morning with stiffness or numbness in the fingers or dizziness due to lack of blood circulation.  Add a HOT shower in the morning to your routine and you have just helped your liver to perform a mild cleansing again.

How to Detox your Liver & Gallbladder System

There are many ways to detoxify your liver & gallbladder system (Liver/gallbladder cleanse), but it really takes a little practice. It is not the easiest thing you will ever do, but I can promise you it will be one of the most rewarding procedures you can perform for your body. It usually takes several flushes to bring your body back into balance, with men and a prostate challenge it takes a minimum of 6 flushes or more. Most conditions that have become chronic, will take that many or more. If you are healthy and have no signs of any disease or condition then I would recommend at least 3, one per month, per year.

We have several methods, I like to ask patients, “would you like the; small, medium, or large to go?” I say this because some people are so toxic with their bodies these days, we start with a simple cleanse and go from there. When it comes to the “real deal” of the flushes you will be consuming Epson salt and olive oil as a main part of the cleanse, so you will need guidance. Before you start, please contact us and fill out a New Patient Form, telling us about your personal history and experience of where you are with your personal health. This way we can better serve you and your beginning journey into cleansing. You can also order your most basic cleanse kit Basic Cleansing Kit to get you started.

Below is a “Basic” liver/gallbladder cleanse that anyone can do at any time. I have had patients who have performed this one for 30 days straight with no complications, so we know it is safe to do it alone. Here you go:


½ Cup Fresh Orange Juice

½ Cup Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Juice of One Lime

Juice of One Lemon

1 Clove Garlic

A Pinch of Fresh Ginger

1-2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil 

The Procedure 

  1. Add this to a blender and blend.
  2. Add more distilled/purified water if you would like it more diluted, then blend again and drink.
  3. Do not eat after doing this, so make this an evening project.
  4. Go to bed lying on your right side.

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