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Dr. Price located in the galleria area of Houston, TX is offering virtual visits for his patients. For the last 26 years, he has seen patients not only in the U.S. but also internationally. These patients can receive unique care no matter where they are located, especially from the many other services his office provides. We would like to discuss a few options that may be of service to your personal and business lifestyle.

12 Step Mind/Body Program

Dr. Price offers many unique services to his patients that are helpful in many aspects of their lives, especially for the busy, yet successful entrepreneurs. One is the Mind/Body program that he has become known for around the globe. This does not take the place of the usual mainstream therapies that are already known to patients, but Dr. Price offers something uniquely different.

When you get stuck in your routine and need a boost to clear your mind and get your personal and business life back on track, Dr. Price has specific Mind/Body balancing techniques that he can perform right over the phone with you. Releasing heavy emotional burdens and neutralizing stress can be most helpful to return home and not be completely exhausted. We want to calm the mind and rebuild your personal energy. Get you back in the flow of life, what others may call “Harmony.” This can be performed through a Zoom call or by your phone.

The first step involves designing a personal “Pleasure List.” Dr. Price will focus on how you would like your life to be, not how it is at this time. What does this mean? The parts of your life that are not working the way you would like and literally draining your energy needs to be addressed. Together we build a better plan to rebuild your personal energy and calm the mind. We want you to be in the “Zone.” This way you can better decide on how to use your personal energy that helps to bring peace, joy and happiness into your life. Neutralize chaos and life starts to become smooth again and everything begins to flow. This is a specific and unique drill to first perform with you. You become like the “special forces,” six breaths in, two breaths out, also learning the special breath they use while in combat to keep calm. Once this has been completed then we can move on to the deeper work.

When working with Dr. Price on Mind/Body techniques, he will design a specific program that fits your personal needs. Together you will reach personal and business goals and truly discover deeper parts of yourself that were unknown to you before. The final goal is to “Neutralize” the triggers in your life, especially where the emotional blockages are holding you back. Then moving on to you reaching your personal goals; whether it be in your career, your relationships, finance and more. Contact Dr. Price’s office today to schedule your first appointment, your life is waiting.

Cleansing & Detoxification

When it comes to cleansing & detoxification, Dr. Price has spent a great deal of his life learning many techniques from our ancient past, and all the new techniques and procedures that we are currently discovering. He has designed his own programs from the many years in practice, utilizing which procedures and techniques were the most successful. Constantly updating and simplifying his many programs. Removing the many myths that are out there has also been a key to his success. Just because something is popular does not mean it will work for you. As far back as we know man has been cleansing his colon and detoxifying his liver. There is even a biblical reference to colon cleansing. Olive oil has been used for centuries for aiding the liver/gallbladder system to function better. In the middle east, many people (old Palestine) have always drunk olive oil for many ailments and as a general daily tonic. Dr. Price once interviewed a lady 100 years old and asked what she did to stay healthy and her reference was to use olive oil daily and oregano. She had smooth skin, no illness, and was physically strong! These are cleanses that are a necessary part of the journey into the world of cleansing & detoxing. Check out Dr Price’s book on cleansing and detoxing.

For the more serious cases, Dr. Price recommends an ENVIO Panel urine test. This test can show you why you are sick, have no energy and are mentally exhausted. With all the toxins now in our environment, food, air and water it is no accident why some people have become really ill. Performing your ENVIRO Panel is just the test for you to discover more information about yourself and why you are not feeling energized and focused. There is also Toxic Metal testing that is performed by testing your hair, this test is even more simple to perform. You will have a mineral analysis of your body as well in this test to look for imbalances there as well. These test kits can all be delivered directly to your home.

Once Dr. Price finds out more information about you, a personalized program will be designed just for you. His programs are created for serious conditions, but also for those who want basic cleansing to anti-age their bodies and mind.

Lifestyle Coaching

When we talk about Lifestyle coaching not everyone really understands what this means. We would like to take a moment to discuss what this means. After filling out a patient information form here is where the Lifestyle coaching comes in. (This is especially for Virtual visits)

Step one – Dr. Price will have you fill out a 7 day list of EVERYTHING you are currently eating and drinking. This is essential to what is going into your body and will explain why you may not be feeling well. Some people may simply not be drinking enough water, so they are constipated and feeling sluggish all the time. Also, what kind of water are you drinking? Are you drinking sodas? Others SUGAR may be their enemy and they are eating too much which feeds all the bad bugs in their body. You will always hear you should eat only organic, but that is not always the case. It is what kind of foods you are eating and how much. Sugar, wheat, and dairy are the big three when people are not feeling well and want to know what to start avoiding.  Too much of these things will make you not feel well and possibly become really ill.

So food is a large discussion and decisions have to be made on what changes need to take place and especially, what are you really willing to change? Change does not come easy, so we do take our time with you – it truly is up to you how fast you want change to occur.

How you prepare your meals (if you do) is also a big discussion, the many cooking techniques today vary and what oils and seasonings you use need to be reviewed with a fine-tooth comb.

Step two – your cleansing and detoxing procedures need to be explained and most want to know how they are going to feel during this time. Every person is different, but we do have a good idea of how you are going to feel while completing these procedures. This process can be a lifelong comment for some, to some they simply want only the basics and we are ok with that. Most will need a guide through this process and Dr. Price is there to be your “jungle” guide, like a good Shaman he is there every step of the way.

Step three – if you are having pain, Dr. Price is there to discuss what exercises and stretches will help to relieve your symptoms. He has dealt with pain most of his life from his own past issues, so he is no stranger to pain. His many years of training and instructing others in the martial art world have taught him a vast library of knowledge of what the body can handle and what it cannot. Many people are re-injuring themselves at times by performing a movement that is not best for their particular issue. Since becoming a Doctor in 1996, Dr. Price has spent countless hours training at seminars and working with other doctors who are specialists in their field to find answers. Plus he has been a professional martial artist all his life exposed to all the different training styles from the Masters.

Whether your condition is something simple to work with or whether you can barely get out of the bed, there are movements just for you. No person is ever the same, every moment may be different for each person. How you sit, how you stand, how you sleep and every aspect of your movement in life can be examined. There are no limits when it comes to the changes a person can make in their life. Some patients receive benefits from basic yoga movements, whereas others really enjoy the Qi Gong and Tai Chi that Dr. Price teaches them. There is a movement just for you and your condition!

Dr. Price also works with the professional athletes as well, helping them to achieve more performance from their bodies. When you use your body to this capacity it’s important to make sure the machine is running at its top performance levels. Also, when there is even a subtle weakness or pain, it is also just as important to have the body fine-tuned. This way you can always stay at the top of your game.

Step four – Lifestyle coaching involves how you emotionally feel and how you best use your personal energy as well. As discussed before, this is an area that is many times overlooked as not important when working with a patient. Most of us usually don’t think the emotions have anything to do with pain or with cleansing for example, but it’s really just the opposite. PAIN always has an emotional attachment and needs to be addressed for you to reach your goals of great health. Each stage of your progress involves emotional change, especially when performing cleanses, old memories from the past seem to always creep up and remerge again. If you are performing a Weight Loss program with us, many emotions will always appear at different stages in your program. It’s always comforting to know there is someone there to aid you in your journey. Together, we will help you reach your personal and business goals and find success in your progress.

Last but not least, how you are dealing in life with family, friends, and people, in general, is important to know. Coming home exhausted daily can cause unnecessary stress in your family life. Neutralizing stress in each aspect of your life is extremely important. You do not have to do it alone. The step towards neutralizing stress in your life can be the biggest challenge you may experience, but we can promise you this, it will be the most rewarding when you conquer those hidden issues.

Step five – maintenance, keeping you successful in all your endeavors, whether it be the top in your personal business or keeping a happy family life. The answers are there, we just have to discover your hidden strengths within.

He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty.





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