Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Multiple styles of Chiropractic techniques
  • Low Force techniques
  • Activator methods & Touch for Health
  • Meridian Therapy
  • Diversified & Gonstead
  • Dr Price’s own system
  • Applied Kinetic Science (AKS)
  • Multiple forms of “Muscle Testing”

Nutritional Testing

  • (CRA) Contact reflex analysis
  • (NRT) Nutritional response technique
  • (BDA) Body Detective analysis
  • Adrenal Stress testing
  • Allergy testing
  • Blood, Urine & Hair Testing

Emotional Release

  • Cellular Release Sessions (Founder Dr Price)
  • Goal setting & Planning (Pleasure List)
  • Squaring (Stress neutralizing techniques)
  • Elimination of “limited belief” patterns
  • Spiritual counseling

Detoxification Programs

Body Movement Programs

  • KI Breathing (Japanese breathing technique)
  • Meditation instruction (Clearing your MIND)
  • Eye/Hand coordination techniques –
    (Martial art origins)
  • Sports enhancement training

Lab Testing

  • Blood testing and analysis
  • Hair analysis (Detects Mineral imbalances & Toxic Metals)
  • Urine Testing (Toxic Metals, Glyphosphate, Household chemicals)
  • Allergy Testing (Performed in office)
  • Candida (Yeast) Testing (Performed in office)
  • Adrenal Stress Test

Virtual Visits with dr price

Services offered: 12 Step Emotional Release Program, Cleansing & Detoxification, Lifestyle Coaching.