Chiropractic & Kinesiology

Brief History lesson

Chiropractic has been around in the U.S. for over 100 years. It has survived the attacks of the AMA, Big Pharma, and more. While I was in chiropractic college the largest lawsuit against the AMA was ongoing, the outcome was the chiropractors won. Why? The medical profession has a long history of opposing alternative healing professions, according to Dr. Mercola. While always claiming public safety as its reason for the attacks, the true reasons often involve protecting their monopoly of the healthcare market. Medicine’s opposition to chiropractic was its strongest under the leadership of Morris Fishbein, Secretary of the American Medical Association from 1924 to 1949, who led a 50-year anti-chiropractic campaign in both professional publications and the public media.

Heck, all I wanted was to have my own business, with my own patients, and help people as I was helped with my own past health issues. My family was treated for years with benefits that we could only have received nowhere else, except by a chiropractor. My old chiropractor in Louisiana had been sent to jail in the early years, several times. In his time, the medical board would say, “chiropractors were practicing without a license.” So off to jail he would go and then back to work again after getting out, seeing patients who really needed his specialty. Lucky for us today, we are licensed in every state now. It would seem that medieval times are finally over.

To be a chiropractor today means you have had to endure criticism from many angles, which is sometimes just part of the job. Me personally, I don’t mind a little resistance in life, to me it means I must be doing something right and worthwhile. Today you have to really believe in what you do, are you simply would not be in this profession. So you see, most chiropractors are in their field because it has helped them in their personal life as well. Many ended up here because they could not find relief through the usual medical route. Many of you who are reading this now, I am sure you are here for that very same reason?

School is just as difficult and challenging as medical school, chiropractors focus on natural care of the human body whereas the medical establishment focuses on drugs and surgery. We especially focus on the care of the spine and its extremities. There is also much study in the area of physiology of the human body which leads us to always seek “cutting edge” nutritional research as well. When the human body becomes weak or ill, it needs spinal adjustments for the nervous system, nutritional care to feed the weakened immune system, and cleansing to rid the body of toxins. Proper exercises for your particular condition will be the final part to strengthen your body and keep it healthy. With my background in martial arts and with years of training in the natural medicine field, I can be quite creative with your exercises. There is only a beginning, with no end in the things that you can do.

In my opinion, both the allopathic medical system and natural, holistic care are needed. Why even think for a moment that we don’t? If you have a life-threatening illness or trauma, the emergency room is best suited to take care of your needs, not a chiropractic office. I still have had patients walk into my office with broken bones, I would ask them, why are you here? One man with a broken leg said, “I just wanted you to see it first since I trust you.”

Chiropractic – The Basics

Your spine is a collection of 24 vertebral bones and a sacral bone. These bones provide support and protection for the nervous system.

With the spinal MIS-alignments, vital energy flow for an organ can be hindered by up to 75-80%. This misalignment is called a SUBLUXATION in chiropractics, especially when this “bone out of place” causes blockages in the nervous system. A subluxation can cause disruptions in any or all organ/gland functions. For example, a subluxation in the spinal vertebrae in the upper mid-back or thoracic region could cause disruptions in the function of the heart, lungs, and thyroid. Results could be high or low blood pressure, asthma, breathing difficulties, low thyroid (hypothyroid), or general immune dysfunction. When you deliver a chiropractic adjustment (not a CRACK!) to these blocked nerves, it relieves pressure from the nerve and returns the normal function and range of motion to the joint. A functional spine free of blockages now has optimal organ/gland function and has all systems running smoothly. This is when your immune system is at its strongest!

There is a little-known chiropractic technique that assists the immune system (the chiropractics of the past knew this one). When you would enter the office with some kind of illness, for example, FLU – you would be adjusted several times over the course of an hour or two. The results are astonishing and many times a patient would walk out of the office feeling like a new person, practically free of symptoms! (I want to be clear – we are not talking about a CURE, we are simply sharing a story from the past about chiropractic).

So, for the flu season, get into your chiropractor’s office to stimulate your immune system and keep your body functioning at its best.

Chiropractic – The ART

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. Lao Tzu

So, what can you expect from a chiropractor?

One, you have to understand there are many areas of specialty for chiropractors these days. Some are Neurology or orthopedic chiropractic specialist, others can be a nutritional specialists like myself. There are many….but what is your idea of chiropractic? Most people don’t know what we do, most think we are just “bone crunchers and neck poppers.” These are some of the names I hear, but your treatment can be really simple or it can be very sophisticated, like in the art of kinesiology.


You may have heard of Applied Kinesiology (AK) or Clinical Kinesiology (CK)? Most people don’t understand these systems, and most probably have never heard of them. Even many Doctors. I can tell you one thing, what I have come to understand about these systems of science, is they come from a higher consciousness of study. You have to be able to open your mind to see things a little differently to begin to understand them. You the patient, don’t have to understand anything about kinesiology, all you need to know is how you feel after a session.

My mind was opened to AK while attending chiropractic college. Years ago while in school, I had extreme low back pain back often, I found a student doctor who was using kinesiology at the college. He went right to the point of pain and right away gave me more relief than I had received in many years. It was at this point I began my own investigation. Here’s the best part of this story, we had to lock the door at the chiropractic college I was attending. Why? Because this system was not allowed to be practiced while at our school….. You see, even in my own profession there are a lot of opinions (censorship) on what we are allowed to learn and practice. How can I deny what I felt after that session? When plenty of doctors had already attempted to give me relief, the one not allowed (banned) was the one that worked. So, as stated before, I am no stranger to resistance. That is why I do not give up on a patient, there is always a technique or procedure that will work, even if it means receiving a little resistance from my own community of doctors.

You see, I am still like many doctors, I have a doubting mind like many, but I had received a treatment that was unlike anything I had received before and it worked! So, my new and unique training began, I found 8 of the original 12 kinesiology teachers in the U.S., the others had passed on before I could train with them. The first system that caught my attention was Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA). I was working for a Chiropractor with my first job in Houston, and I came to work one day with a dislocated elbow from a martial arts competition I had been in. I could hardly move it. He said, “let me show you something.” He took a few bottles of supplements and began testing my muscle strength in my elbow, where I had no power. When he put a certain supplement in my mouth, suddenly like magic I had FULL POWER! Wow, I was not sure what to think about that at first, except that it was hard to deny that my elbow suddenly was strong again. Instantly he had a student, I could not learn enough about this particular system. At a certain point, he said that is all I have to teach you, I suggest you go to the man who taught me. So I did. Dr. Dick Versendaal. CRA was such a mystery to me then, with so many new things to learn and figure out. He presented a system that completely had me in awe of what endless implications could be performed. Since then, there is a list of who’s who that teach systems like this that I studied with. Then, there were a few that no one really knows, who are true masters of their own system. These systems have no names or plaques to put on the wall, the doctor just presents the “concept” and you do your best to follow.

In Kinesiology, the applications to your body are truly endless. I enjoy it when patients want to learn some of it. It can be a lot of fun when you realize your body is always giving you signals, you just have to learn how to read them. Your body does have its own language, if you want to read a good book on this subject, there is one book called; “Your Body Can Talk,” by Dr Susan Levy.

Your body has many complicated patterns of energy that run through the inside, the outside, and around your body. Many of these energy centers and patterns have names, some do not. For example, your Meridian system has been mapped out many years ago by the Chinese. The meridian system consists of tiny highways of light that run up and down your body called CHI. There is positive energy called – YANG and negative energy called – YIN. YANG energy flows downward to the feet and is male energy. YIN energy flows upward from the ground and is feminine energy. The meridian system can be described as a 24-hour clock. There is no beginning or end to this cycle. Anyone who has had acupuncture can tell you that there is something very important about this system. It has been known and described by Chinese scholars for over 5,000 years. Have we become so modern that we have forgotten about this important ancient system?

The Chakra system is another known system of study on how energy flows through the body. There are seven basic chakras starting at the Primal chakra (in the pubic region of the body), up to the top of the head where this is called the Crown chakra. Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word, meaning “wheel.” These energy centers have spinning energy that spins clockwise or counterclockwise over a specific region of your body. If a person is healthy they should spin to the right when spinning to the left or neutral can mean several things, but it does mean you are temporarily out of balance.

Once I was shown how to measure this spinning energy, I was quite shocked by how easy it was. It was a simple test to verify if you were healthy or not and in what regions of your body the imbalances were. The first time I actually applied this technique I discovered that a patient had ALL their chakras spinning backward. This was clearly a sign of dis-ease and yes this person was quite unhealthy in many ways. As they progressed and became more healthy, I was able to see the return of their chakras, one at a time. It was at that moment that I decided to keep this in my practice as one more tool to measure a patient’s health status. To read more about this subject read the book; “Hands Of Light,” by Barbara Brennon.

The last energy system that I will mention is one of great interest, your Bio-field or what some call your Aura. This field of Electro-Magnetic energy is what envelopes your body for protection and is considered by many your true life force. Check out the book called; “The Field,” by Lynne McTaggart. Without going into great detail, I was able to work on a project for many years with some very interesting people. One person was, Robert Aviles, a 7-string electric violinist and researcher, who was performing research on the Bio-Field and we crossed paths and began working together. Robert’s work involved working with your Bio-field through sound, he discovered that when the bio-field was weak, a person was sick or out of balance. When a person was healthy, their personal field would become large again, especially if their emotions were in balance. This was an area that no one who I had studied with before, had ever mentioned or even discussed. He also had performed some interesting research already, so we met at a perfect time!

You see, when we are out of balance all these energy systems and more need to be checked. If you had a serious health issue, wouldn’t you want every possible test performed on your body? Since there are many different layers to be seen in the human body, you just have to use the right techniques to access the body’s information systems to find solutions. Then the proper technique can be applied. It’s like studying many different martial art systems and then using a mix of styles (MMA) to reach a certain desired result. I can promise you this, there is never a dull moment in working with the human body. Your body always has something to say, you just have to ask it the right question.

This leads me to my final point to reach with you. After many years of study, research and experience, I have created my own Kinesiology system. Applied Kinetic Science (AKS). It contains teachings from many of my teachers and from experiences I have had with patients over the years:

One – It contains a system to analyze the spine, muscles, etc. and the “FLOWS” of the body, and how they communicate to each other.
Two – It has a way to analyze your organ and gland systems to detect which systems are not functioning properly, and to communicate whether an organ or gland is “weak or exhausted!” This is your nutritional test for what your body needs, especially exploring deficiencies.
Three – There is a unique way that I help a patient understand which thoughts and words are negatively affecting them and how to neutralize them. This is where we explore how to release emotions when a patient is ready for this part. When you are ready, this is a fun way to explore what may be bothering you and keeping you out of balance. Many of us are unaware of all the “toxic thoughts” we think about every day, this can literally make you sick. So, I look for a solution that is comfortable for a patient to approach their deep-rooted emotions. Don’t ever think that you have to carry these heavy emotions with you the rest of your life, there is always a solution. Releasing emotions can be a very safe and relieving experience. These are techniques that I have personally developed over the years from many of my own experiences. (This does not replace the visit to a mental health practitioner)

AKS is a physical, chemical & emotional process to access the information you might not have been able to find before. It is constantly being updated and new discoveries are always being found.

Dr. Patrick Price, better known as “The Body Detective” is a practicing chiropractor, martial arts instructor, and experienced health speaker with advanced intuitive abilities. His wellness center in Houston, Texas has become the premier place to seek help with many unresolved conditions. Patients come in part due to his innovative yet time-proven dynamic healing techniques. Many people also enjoy his educational, fun, and exciting workshops. Houston International Chiropractic and Wellness Center is operated by Dr. Price and his wife Maysoun to meet the demands of today’s ever-growing healthcare challenges.

Come find out why Dr. Price is called by his patients, “The Body Detective.”


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