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April 22 - April 23


Class II is April 22 & 23rd 2023.

Pleasure List Analysis – a Body Detective develops skill in analyzing a personal pleasure list developed from a person’s own unique blend of components that explain what their true happiness and well-being should incorporate on a daily basis. Each negative component of this list is compared to a positive list and then the words are used to neutralize each other and create balance within the subconscious mind.

Spiritual GoalsWhen developing your skills, it is important to set the intent of the goals you want to achieve. These goals will be the tools needed to develop new skills and awaken the intuitive abilities of each person. These goals have no boundaries and no limits, only those that you place upon yourself.

Sensory PerceptionThis part of the course focuses on your most important gifts, your own senses. Extrasensory perception (ESP) is the ability to use your senses beyond their normal capabilities. Hearing frequencies and seeing the human bio field are important in performing a Cellular Release. Our intent is for two or more of your senses to become awakened during this part of the class. The biggest secret is: Everyone has the same abilities as the next. Focused intent is the key to making this possible.

April 21st – deadline $349

April 22nd – $399 (at the door)

Location: The Dojo (3139 Fall St. Houston, TX 77054)


April 22
April 23
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