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March 26 - March 27


The Body Detective is a medical intuitive training course open to the public. It involves a three-weekend training course, starting March 2022 through May 2022.

Course I

Your body was designed to move – a body detective develops skill in channeling energy (chi) through the body and learns to sense blockages in others. The first class teaches elements of Tai Chi & Qi Gong, breathing techniques, and meditation, all of which enable the practitioner to tap into this universal energy and move it through others.

East meets West energetic testing – Methods of finding and accessing weaknesses in the body by using a unique form of Kinesiology (AKS) developed by Dr. Price. Other methods of practice involve Dowsing, Lean testing, and more.

Body Work – Different forms of bodywork are discussed and practiced in class I, this includes Chinese Bodywork, TMJ release, Cranial work, and Meridian tracing.

March 11th – deadline to prepay for $299

March 25th – deadline for $325

March 26th – $325 (at the door)

THE BODY DETECTIVE - Houston International Wellness Center
At the Houston International Wellness Center, our mission is to provide the best quality alternative health care of today.


Call 713 877 8600


Text 832 930 4365

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March 26
March 27
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