Heart Health: How Healthy is your HEART

Love Your HEART

Dr Price has made a video just for you!
Many times he is asked questions about the Heart and Circulatory system, so Dr Price covers this subject for you to watch and learn.

In 1995, his father died of a heart attack at 66 years of age. At the time, he knew his father was having heart complications but did not have the answers he does now. So you can imagine since then he has explored many avenues in this area. He may not have been able to save his fathers life, but he surely could have extended his fathers years of living if he knew the information he does now.

So with the right motivation, much can be learned and explored. If you know someone who has heart issues, has had a stroke or has questions about any cardiovascular condition, this would be a good video to show them. As you know, watching videos is a good way to share knowledge and information these days.

Dr. Price has many heart kits and products to health your heart get the nutrition it needs. 

Enjoy and take notes, it just could save your life!

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