L-GLUTAMINE – What can it do for ME?

L-Glutamine answered by the Pros

START taking it yesterday, it’s good for way too many reasons. I personally learned many moons ago that L-Glutamine was good for repairing muscles after intense training and then on top of that it would kill your craving for SUGAR! 5-10 grams a day will do just that.

The bodybuilding industry knows this very well and that is first where I found out, was from the PROS. Besides the muscle repair, sugar control it goes way beyond those areas to benefit you in many areas of your life. Trying to LOSE WEIGHT? Having a blood sugar issue (Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, etc), very sick and ill or you have your grandmother wasting away. This will help to keep the muscles from disappearing.

Even in research, CANCER & AIDS patients have benefited from the use of L-Glutamine. I take 5 grams of L-Glutamine everyday, it keeps my body and mind healthy and vibrant everyday – it will for you too.

Amino acids are building blocks of protein, and glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the muscle and blood. While essential amino acids cannot be made by the body and must be consumed in the diet, glutamine is considered conditionally essential — because a healthy, unstressed body produces adequate amounts. However, the demand for glutamine may exceed the supply in critical illness, traumatic injury or conditions that cause significant muscle loss, making glutamine essential in these situations. Glutamine is postulated to provide benefits to weight, exercise recovery and bowel disorders, but more research is needed to understand its role in these conditions. Glutamine has NO side effects.

L-Glutamine Functions

Glutamine has a variety of functions in the body. It helps repair and build muscle, it helps fuel the cells that line the intestines and is an important component of the body’s immune response. These benefits can help speed healing of burns, open sores and injuries and reduce the risk of infection after surgery. When the body is under severe physical stress — such as severe burns, traumatic injury or a severe infection — it consumes more glutamine than the body can make from muscle stores.

Without additional glutamine from supplementation or diet sources such as meat, milk, chicken or eggs, consequences include poor wound healing, higher infection risk, longer hospital stays and declining health.

L-Glutamine Weight Benefits

Glutamine supplementation has been linked to promoting the gain of muscle and lean body tissue in people with cancer, according to an article published in the April 2002 “The American Journal of Surgery.” In addition, small and preliminary studies suggest glutamine may help with the loss of body fat in overweight people. For example, an article in the January 2015 issue of “Nutrition” showed 6 weeks of glutamine supplementation promoted loss of inches in the abdomen and an increase in lean body tissue. However, more research is needed to clearly understand glutamine’s role in weight management.

Other Potential Benefits

Your immune system is like a fancy car in a way — it constantly needs high-quality fuel to run properly, and glutamine plays a major role in the fueling process. In addition to its actions on improving immune function and maintaining healthy cells in the gastrointestinal tract, glutamine is also linked to reduced inflammation, which may play a role in the management of conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel disease.
More research is needed to determine risks and benefits of glutamine supplementation in these conditions. Many athletes take glutamine because excessive exercise depletes glutamine stores, and glutamine supplements are thought to hasten recovery times, prevent muscle wasting and make it easier to build and maintain muscle mass.

Main Benefits L-Glutamine

Are you supplementing L-Glutamine? If not, maybe you should consider it after reading the following benefits. Glutamine is a carbon and nitrogen donor and helps restore glycogen which restores energy. Glutamine is the most important component of muscle protein, and helps repair and build muscle. Here’s a list of glutamine benefits:

  • Glutamine has been linked to protein synthesis. It prevents your muscle from being catabolized (eaten up) in order to provide Glutamine for other cells in the body.
  • Glutamine helps maintain cell volume and hydration, speeding up wound and burn healing and recovery.
  • Glutamine benefits you by replenishing declining Glutamine levels during intense workouts.
  • Research has shown Glutamine can help you produce growth hormone levels. A study has shown 2 grams of L-Glutamine increased growth hormones by over 400%.
  • Glutamine may serve to boost your immune system. For intense exercise like anyone bodybuilding or just trying to gain healthy weight and loose fat, this is important since heavy workouts tend to greatly deplete Glutamine levels. (Glutamine is a primary energy source for your immune system.)
  • Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for your intestines. It has the ability to ‘repair a leaky gut’ by maintaining the structural integrity of the bowels.
  • Bet you didn’t know this: It can even cure ulcers! Studies have found that 1.6 grams of Glutamine a day had a 92% cure rate in 4 weeks.

Why should I take L-Glutamine

Even though L-Glutamine is a important part for athletes’ supplementation, L-Glutamine isn’t only for them. It’s for ANYONE! Glutamine is essential for maintaining intestinal function and aiding in the immune response as well. After glutamine is synthesized in skeletal muscle, it is released into the bloodstream and transported to the kidney, liver and small intestine and cells of the immune system where it plays another vital role.

Glutamine is used by white blood cells and contributes to normal immune-system function. Individuals with muscle-wasting and immune-system related illnesses (such as cancer or AIDS) who may be incapable of manufacturing their own supply of glutamine may benefit from glutamine supplements taken along with other amino acids. Becoming ill or losing lean muscle mass are potential signs of glutamine deficiency.

So, are you convinced yet? Glutamine, it’s also important for regular folks with all the benefits it provides, and no side effects. So, what are you waiting for?

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