Cholesterol – what’s the Truth?

Cholesterol- what to look for?

In one of medicine’s strangest ironies, Statins can ultimately end up CAUSING heart disease.

A study on statin drugs published in the Journal of Clinical Cardiology sent shock waves throughout the medical community with proof that statin therapy weakens the heart muscle. This is really old news for many, but new to many of you? Why is it hard for you to find the truth? The internet and what you search is being censored greatly these days. Drug companies have overwhelmed us with “misinformation.” It is very difficult to find truth in what you are searching when it comes to health these days. What I may tell a patient in the office is one thing, but what they go and research and bring back to me is another. So who are you going to believe? Well, that is up to you.

But here’s why this should have surprised no one.
Hundreds of clinical studies have proven that statin drugs…

  • Raise blood pressure
  •  Lower levels of lifesaving HDL (‘good’) cholesterol
  • And increase an important measure of blood clotting, linked to heart attacks.

Of course, all of these things increase your risk of heart disease. But here’s the kicker.
Statin drugs deplete your body’s Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) levels – a vital nutrient for your heart’s functioning. Make sure and read that part again, I want to make sure everyone understands this.

In fact, studies have found they can deplete your CoQ10 levels by as much as 45 percent.
This is especially critical in patients 45 and older, who usually experience a 75 percent loss of CoQ10 as they age.

That’s why I always have my patients take CoQ 10 if they are taking a statin drug.

Within 24 hours, you should notice you are feeling better. What’s more, I really try to get patients off the statin drugs and use alternative methods, but I am not your MD, so you have to make that decision yourself.

Within several days of stopping Lipitor – the most highly prescribed statin drug – a patient of mine had her muscle pain vanish and the weakness she had been experiencing in her legs gone. Others when they stop their beta-blocker, usually notice their chronic fatigue gone.

Using natural methods will help your heart grow stronger and your blood pressure can normalize. This is especially important if you have had a heart attack and would like to avoid having another one. Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol are not as important as you may think. It’s all about the Triglycerides according to world famous blood doctor, Dr Russell Jaffe, PhD. His says just watch the triglycerides and keep them under 300 by thinning your blood with Omega 3’s is all most people need to be concerned with. He likes to debunk conventional medical wisdom, which says its “impossible” to improve your heart strength after a heart attack.

Yet, even with several decades of evidence and over 100 studies confirming the cardiac benefits of CoQ10 – without side effects – people are only beginning to catch onto the nutrient. And many physicians still deny its use as a heart treatment.

Four decades ago, Dr Al Sears was one of the first physicians to check patients’ CoQ10 levels. At the time, nobody spoke of CoQ10. Few doctors were privy to its importance.
And ONLY one lab in the country even measured CoQ10 levels. What’s more, getting these results was expensive, slow, and tedious.

As it turned out, Dr Sears discovered from his own studies that 82 percent of his patients were deficient of this vital nutrient. This is when he began using CoQ10 therapy in his practice. Over half his patients were able to stop their blood pressure and cholesterol medication.

Patients who often feel constant fatigue, memory loss and weakness are on statin and blood pressure drugs. I promise you this – THERE IS ANOTHER SOLUTION. You are probably low in CoQ10 and in my office I have a simple nitric oxide test, which also shows very depleted in the body.

You will begin to feel better right away, but lowering blood pressure does not happen over night and that takes longer.

The CoQ10-Statin Conspiracy

The drug company Merck found in internal studies that its statin drugs depleted CoQ10 levels. So what did they do?

They invented a CoQ10-statin combo drug, patented it, and locked it away so it would never reach the market. Incredible, right? How many lives were lost from this cold-blooded move? And in Canada, the government label on statin drugs warns about the depletion of CoQ10…

“…could lead to impaired cardiac function in patients with borderline congestive heart failure.”

Yet the FDA has NOT required a similar warning, although it could save millions of lives.
And the agency continues to rubber-stamp Big Pharma’s statin drugs, no matter the evidence.

They don’t even need the slightest bit of proof that these drugs treat heart disease.

That’s because government bureaucrats have accepted the Cholesterol Myth as “fact.”
This means, in order to receive FDA approval, all these drug companies need to prove is their drug lowers cholesterol. That’s it. No proof of its effects on heart disease.

Can you see why this Cholesterol Myth is so deadly?

Millions of people with heart disease are receiving the wrong treatment according to Dr Sears, Dr Jaffe and plenty of others. “For decades, the theory that lowering cholesterol is always beneficial has been a core principle of cardiology. It has been accepted by doctors and used by drug makers to win quick approval for new medicines to reduce cholesterol.

But now some prominent cardiologists say the results of two recent clinical trials have raised serious questions about that theory… Because the link between excessive LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular disease has been so widely accepted, the FDA generally has not required drug companies to prove that cholesterol medicines actually reduce heart attacks before approval….”

The prestigious “The Lancet, American Heart Journeal & The Journal of the American Medical Association all say the same things….

And the worst part is, there’s no proof that lowering cholesterol has any clinical benefits.
The truth is, you should NOT “lower your cholesterol.”
Cholesterol is a good thing.
In fact, higher cholesterol saves lives.

Cholesterol- Better High & here’s why

HIGHER is better and cholesterol can…

  • Revive your sex drive
  • Lower your likelihood of cancer
  • Improve your brain function
  • And make you far less likely to die!

WHY? Because Cholesterol is not your enemy!
Here is some juicy information from the Health Insider. Cholesterol should be well ABOVE 200 first of all. Total Cholesterol.

HIGHER cholesterol makes you far less likely to die…
FACT: Lowering cholesterol can make heart disease worse. A review of medical studies on cholesterol and mortality in heart patients found that lower cholesterol levels led to death – not survival, like the drug companies want you to think.

FACT: Low cholesterol can trigger the deadliest kind of stroke.
It’s called a massive stroke and it happens when blood vessels in your brain are so weak, they burst open. Any cholesterol count below 200 is a red flag for this kind of stroke.

FACT: Low cholesterol may raise your cancer risk.
Yes, several studies actually links low LDL levels with an increased risk of developing cancer. And it’s not the first one. In fact, more than 200 studies have been done on cholesterol and cancer. And the overall majority linked cancer with low cholesterol!

How could all this be so? For the same reason that your body makes its own cholesterol. It’s a vital nutrient! Cholesterol is a necessary building block for your immune system especially your brain cells. In fact…

HIGHER cholesterol may improve your memory, stave off depression and even protect you Alzheimer’s…

Believe it or not, healthy brain cells are full of cholesterol, 25% of your body’s cholesterol is in your brain. It fuels the electrical impulses that make thinking possible. Plus, studies show…

FACT: Low cholesterol impairs brain function.
It’s been linked to depression. And cholesterol-lowering drugs have been shown to trigger memory loss. (Drug companies want us to forget this-and we may-if we keep taking statin drugs!)

FACT: Low cholesterol is linked to Alzheimer’s.
The eminent researcher Iwo J. Bohr published a peer-reviewed paper on the subject. He points out that Alzheimer’s patients typically have lower cholesterol and suggests that a great way to prevent the disease may be to eat a high cholesterol diet.

FACT: Low cholesterol is even linked to suicide-
and it’s not just because folks are fed up with celery and tofu! The real reason is probably that low cholesterol literally makes you crazy! And now for some upbeat news….

HIGHER cholesterol could super-charge anyone’s sex life…

Why? Because cholesterol is the “raw material” for your Sex hormones. Without it, you can’t manufacture testosterone, women can’t make estrogen – and none of us would have any more sex drive than an 90 year old.

Now aren’t you ecstatic that your cholesterol is over 2OO?

So bring your levels back to where they are healthy!

Find out more with Dr Price on how to use a natural way of keeping your cholesterol levels healthy and keeping a healthy HEART!

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