Disaster Preparation & Survival Class

Disaster Preparation & Survival Guide By Dr Patrick Price

Many people have been recently asking me about being prepared in a crisis, so I decided it was time to finally give this class. The recent outbreak has made many people think about how to be better prepared. Not only with the outbreak, but what if another hurricane hits us here in Houston?

These are the questions you have to ask yourself – are you ready? Even if you think you are, it always helps to learn more. Find out where your weaknesses lie. So many people were not prepared when Harvey hit Houston; no water, no food and no plan….

Many of us think – heck that will never happen to me. Then suddenly, you wake up to waist deep water in your home. Those are the people who had to depend on other people to save them and protect them. Why take that chance? Why wait and delay having a plan when Houston has been under water on several occasions?

In 2008, my neighborhood was cut off with downed trees blocking off all entry and exits to our homes. No one came to help. There were 10 days when we had no electricity, many of my neighbors became nervous and scared not knowing what to do next. Lucky for us, we were prepared. Not only were we prepared, we fed many of our neighbors and gave them fresh water. With hurricane Harvey, many people were completely without anything, their homes destroyed. When Katrina came to New Orleans, I had many friends who had to leave their city for a long time, they were not prepared.

With the recent outbreak of the coronovirus, your city could at any time be on lock down. Meaning you will be at the mercy of a police state or what we call “martial law.” That means your food, supplies and even your guns will be taken from you. You could be forced to leave your home as well, I surely hope we never reach that point. One thing particular that we will cover is also how to prepare your medical kit as well and what helps with viruses. Cleaning your water might be an issue, even from your own home as we speak.

If you had to leave town tomorrow, what would you bring? What clothes would you gather? What food would you pack? How do you prepare for your kids? These kind of answers are all in the class. Ease your mind, be prepared or as I say get educated.

Yes, you could just go to a hotel, stay with friends, those are options……but what if you can’t? In 2005, before Rita hit many people were stranded in traffic, without gas and without supplies, like fresh water.

With preparation for a crisis, comes ease of mind. Just knowing you have a plan and supplies for different situations reduces stress. That way when or if something comes your way, you know exactly what to do, what to pack and where to go.

Make this a FUN project for you and your family. I had fun getting it ready for you….

This class we be offered March 19th, 2020 at our martial art school. Many of you have asked me many questions about what to do and how can they be better prepared, well this class is just for you. Download your own Disaster Preparation Kit online today!

Basic answers will be covered like:

How to get clean & prepare water
How to prepare my home, car, office or on foot
What food do I need
What protection (weapons) do I need to have
What medical supplies do I need
Don’t be left out in the cold unprepared…

What to bring: Large backpack and a small day pack (Bug out Bag). Any items you have in question, please bring them. (We will discuss different bags in class, it’s ok if you don’t have one to bring).

What you will learn? How to pack for a quick evacuation for short term and how to prepare for a long term leave. Also how to keep your family safe during any kind of emergency.

This class will be on soft mats, please be prepared to remove your shoes and sit on the mats. If needed we do have chairs.
I am looking forward to having this class. My entire life has been spent in the outdoors, with my father being part Choctaw he was at home in the woods. He taught me from a young age how to survive. Today, it is much easier to learn, because with the equipment, tools and prepared meals it’s much more simple to be ready.

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