Review of specific hormone imbalances and review of Rebounders

Hormones – what to do about them?

When looking at your hormones in the body you first have to look at the brain. The Hypothalamus gland is the master gland and then there is the Pituitary gland, anterior and posterior portions. When it comes to balancing hormones for your thyroid gland, growth hormone, female hormones, look no further.

The Hypothalamus gland is constantly monitoring your outside world to give you feedback by your day to day experiences. Whether it be a good or bad feeling, it is this gland that determines what hormones to produce. It can produce hormones to relax you or to increase your STRESS hormones! Your beliefs of what is good or bad for you will be tested. What someone feels is good for them, someone else will determine that this feeling is bad! This is how your body determines which hormones become dominant in the body.

Your Pituitary glands are the key glands when it comes to looking at your Thyroid, Growth hormones and more. So basically your metabolism is receiving direction from here.

Next would be the Thyroid gland, Thymus gland and the Adrenals. You see it’s a system that all works together, they communicate to each other and it takes an understanding of how to interpret what your body is trying to say. All organs and glands have their own frequency that they vibrate at, just a little off and your body goes into a stress mode. Believe me when I tell you this; your ADRENAL glands are powerful! When they become active, they dominate all other systems. If the lion is coming to eat you, what is more important, your immune system or your adrenal system which will kick in the emergency systems to RUN!!!

Take for example all the NEGATIVE Media information that has been pumped into your brain lately, this is enough to keep everyone in a stress mode. That is by design.

Step 1 – TURN OFF the TV. That way you are able to have a wonderful day enjoying the sunlight and fresh breeze that is blowing outside. Leave it to the TV to keep us all stressed out and thinking the world is about to end…..Do you ever see anything positive by the main stream media?

Step 2 – Have yourself tested. There is no better way then to have your body tested for imbalances through the muscle testing that we perform everyday in our office. It will give you an accurate reading of what body parts (organs, glands) need attention.

By the way, the feeling of terrified and excitement or very close to each other, so if you are scared of something, it can be sometimes easy to convert that feeling of being scared to being excited. Tell yourself this is “Excitement,” not Fear, that is the next step. It just takes practice and trust in yourself.

Before getting on prescription drugs for your Thyroid, Pancreas or other toxic drugs it might be in your favor to first explore using non-toxic treatments that have worked for years for many patients. The worst that will happen is they don’t completely relieve you of your symptoms. It is not that I am telling you to not take prescription drugs, but maybe your gland or organ is tired or even exhausted and needs minerals or even glandulars to replenish itself. Glandulars have been used successfully for a long time and do not have side effects.

If it is your Hypothalamus or Pituitary gland that is the issue, there is no drug that will treat a low functioning gland from this area. Glandulars with minerals and other natural substances will do just the trick!

HAVE YOURSELF TESTED, blood test or great, but Saliva testing is our opinion the best. “Muscle testing” is a key tool to determining what is really not functioning well and finding the right product to take and the right dosage.

NEXT – balance your stress with some nature time and exercise that is not strenuous, relaxing fun where there is no contest to win will work wonders for yourself.

BETTER MEAL PLANNING is a huge part. Find foods that are less stressful for the body to digest and of course you should already know the foods that are not good for the body, be smart – moderation is the key. A Bio-Rhythm form of eating helps to combine the right foods for better digestion.

DETOX, DETOX, DETOX – did I say detox? Then yes, cleanse your body often, even a mild cleanse will benefit you and anti-age yourself. Cleansing is the true way to stay young and vibrant, also it does wonders for weight loss and PAIN relief.

LAUGH AND LAUGH often, especially at yourself. Laughter will CURE many ailments. There are just way….to many SERIOUS people these days. Look around you, people just don’t even smile any more. What has happened to us? Walking down the street no one looks ahead of where they are going, only down at their phones.


One Shaman said he diagnoses someone by one question? When was the last time you sang? Singing is a key way to not only get better, but to stay healthy.

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