Consciousness – What is it? How is it achieved?

This is always a question when studying and living a Spiritual lifestyle

I would like to say its a way to commune with Nature, God, Allah, The Great Spirit, The Universe, The Creator, etc. – however you need to express your belief…

Taoism also has a way, a way to be in harmony with Nature, which means you are in Harmony with self. The natural ryhthms of the earth are also in action; you wake up then later you sleep, work without working, play without realizing you are acutally playing…not to over work either area, balance.

A few key ingrediants are needed for this to take place;

ONE Physical body work and exercise.
TWO Chemistry – feeding your body the right foods, supplements and cleansing.
THREE Emotional work – releasing those lower vibrations from the body, the ones that make you heavy and tense. Breathing exercises can help with that. Crying when needed never hurt anyone…

The LAST but not least your Spiritual LIfe. EVERYONE lives a spiritual life, you have a body and a spirit is inside it, so yes you are spiritual in nature. Just being aware that you have a force that lives inside you, when this body dies, that forces moves on to its next existence, never ending…

Find out where you are with yourself, look into your eyes in the mirror and what do you see?

Loving yourself is a good start and remembering you are perfect just the way you are.


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