True Evolution of The Spirit


I want to speak about a dream I had recently and put it into a format that all can understand.
I often speak about how to evolve the human spirit and how a person can generally become a better person, but today I would like to give more details of what I believe this means.

The supremacy of all things in the universe is LOVE, that I would like to make clear now. There is nothing that is superior to this energy. The problems we have of today are all because we have become so far away from this primeval energy we do not even recognize this. All dramas of daily life start here, from this lack of love in our own universe. In its turn, this lack of love causes what we call “evil” and a vicious circle begins and modern man is unable to solve this dilemma.

Our problems first begin when most people have this acute feeling of guilt after harming a person. This then causes suffering and strengthens the feeling of guilt, because sadly enough we no longer hope to be forgiven. This is where love can intervene, but even if love permanently surrounds us and is at our disposal, we refuse to see it, as if it does not exist.

So, as my dream revealed – suffering is the “illness” of our modern society, and the way to overcome it is not to avoid it completely.
We as a society treat this suffering and guilt as if it is something outside of ourselves, as if it is something that should repair itself on its own at any given moment. In reality, guilt and suffering happens within ourselves. They are OUR responsibility and we cannot and should not exclude them as something harmful, since in the end – we created them.

The way to solve this can be simple, because the true test lies within our own EGO.
I will explain this in the best way I can, if one truly understands that they were wrong and ask for forgiveness, this is a good start.
Sadly, many of us don’t even realize when they are wrong towards each other. What is even worse, is when others are happy when people suffer because of their actions.

When people finally realize that they were wrong, due to their own ignorance, they don’t understand that there is the possibility to forgive oneself through compassion – the “Creators” way…. As the old monk once said – “Compassion” should be felt, which means to accept someone as they are.

If we decide to truly forgive, it must be called on from the Heart, from the Creators infinite compassion. (Now, I do not intend this to be a religious message, but one that reaches everyone on ALL levels – spiritual in nature, which everyone has within them, a spirit).
Through this infinite love, people have the possibility to FORGIVE themselves.

How can you realize this has happened, did it work, this forgiveness? People should realize this when they overcome the state of inner torment that was troubling them. When we realize our mistakes, this is when we can forgive ourselves, because it is available to everyone.
The only sad part of this is when you feel you were “Right” and the other person should ask for forgiveness. Well, remember that part about EGO, now you are there. Always being “right” will become an endless circle that some people will never overcome in this life.

So, it is fundamental for those who understand their mistakes to be able to eliminate the guilt they feel with the help of this energy we call compassion.

Then are those who will never stop blaming themselves for the things they feel they have done wrong to harm another person. This can be destructive in itself. To continuously blame oneself will only create a state of endless guilt, which will always remind you of your past mistakes. It is very important for this person to understand a fundamental key to your individual transformation, you cannot evolve through torment, but rather through love.

To return to having Harmony in your life, you have to become more aware of your “mistakes” of how you treat others and then realize you don’t want to keep creating this same vicious cycle, but with the help of compassion you can and will overcome.

ANY mistake can be forgiven when man consciously calls upon the Creator and humbly ask for help. This is when a person can truly end their personal torment and become forgiven. Whatever medical condition (pain or discomfort) you may have will also begin to heal or miraculously have an instantaneous healing, it happens every day. I can honestly say, it has been an honor to be part of many of those healings and observe with my own eyes, including my own (past) chronic condition.

It is then when multiple forms of manifestations take place, especially when the energies of compassion and forgiveness are present. This crosses all religious boundaries and units us all.

The supreme energy of love is infinite, this is proof that we all should do the same and be more direct in our actions towards others.
I hope you all have enjoyed the message from my dream – nothing in my life has been more clear than this one, I only hope you not only read this message, but feel it as I have.

Yours truly,
Dr Patrick Price

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