Cancer – What you need to know

Dr Price here

Hello everyone,  I thought this would be a good time to bring up some information that may be of service to you, your family or a friend.

The word CANCER strikes fear in anyone who even thinks they have this condition.  Fear is exactly what will make this conditon worse and in my opinion will cause many people to make a decision they will regret in the long run.  We immediately go into a state of complete shock and run to the nearest “Cancer Cure Center” we can find.

This decision is not your best, because of the few options you will have, which we will discuss below.  Medical ‘Professionals” are going to make you feel even more fear and experience more confusion as to what steps you should take.  I will just tell you this, YOU need to do your own research and check as many different type of other medical professionals which will give you more options than the usual mainstream medical establishments.

The people who say they “Survived” cancer, I say you survived the treatment – not the cancer.

In the beginning stages of such a diagnosis, there is something you should be well aware of.  First, much knowledge is out there, not just my opinion on how your condition can be made worse, but having a breast scan by clapping your breast in a device (mammogram), under pressure can simply release the encapsulated breast tumor you may have, to spread throughout your body.

Second, having a biopsy releases tiny pieces of the tumor as well to spread throughout your body.

Thermograms are much more safe and there are many other “Safe” test that can be performed.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many great people in research who are really looking for ways to change this condition.  I know several and one of the top researchers on the west coast that I am friends with even admitted – we do release part of the tumor into the body during a biopsy.  It doesn’t just suddenly spread throughout your body, it was spread though that procedure.

Have you ever heard someone state that I had cancer in my prostate, now the Doctor says its spread throughout my lymphatic system?

One of my best friends had that exactly happen to him, which I truly believe is what spread his cancer to all parts of his body and eventually ended his life.

The tumor has a capsule that the body walls itself off from it, to protect it from spreading naturally.  So, if you think you have cancer, then just treat yourself as if you do.  Avoid these dangerous procedures!

So, if you come down with this diagnosis, sit back, take a deep breath and remember – you have plenty of options.  Don’t make your decision out of FEAR or from your family and friends forcing you to have these procedures performed against your better judgment.

You will find it’s not as difficult as you may think.

My intent in this newsletter is to not only give you information about cancer – but to give you HOPE.



What really causes CANCER? 

Radiation & Chemotherapy are what we know as mainstream treatments today.  These treatments are not only painful they are very unsuccessful.  Tumors may shrink at first, but when the second round comes the immune system has mainly been destroyed and the body cannot fight much more.  A very small amount of people actually survive, as some say; “I am a cancer survivor,” like I said before, actually you are a survivor of the treatment itself. 5, maybe 10% of people actually live to tell their story.

A patient will easily spend $100,000 and up for the expensive treatment. About 40 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. While death rates for some cancers have declined, rates for others have increased, according to the American Cancer Society.

The global market for cancer drugs has hit $100 billion in annual sales, and could reach $147 billion by 2018.



There are therapies that are basically free or cost a fraction of radiation and chemotherapy that exists today.

In the 1930’s there was a German biochemist named Otto Warburg, MD. His breakthrough involved how the cells of the body uses oxygen to break down a molecule called pyruvate, which can come from any macronutrient – carbohydrate, protein or fat.  When this mechanism stops working properly, the cell including its nucleus stops getting the food it needs to function.  So the cell then begins to ferment SUGAR and only sugar anaerobically, that means without oxygen. This is what Dr Warborg was famous for, saying the prime reason for cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar. He said this is a inefficient way for the body to make energy. The body then begins to make mass quantities of random cells to ensure that some survive, in other words it makes a tumor.

Cancer lovers sugar, it’s all it can eat!  Mainstream science knows this, they even accept this problem. To locate tumors within the body, physicians give patients pure glucose with a radioactive dye, the cancer cells then devour the sugar.  They glow brighter than other tissues and a scanning device can easily see them.

In 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick discovered DNA’s shape.  This now began a new age of genetic investigation in disease, especially cancer.

Cancer researchers were now convinced that this was the answer they were looking for, because cancer involves cells dividing rapidly and chaotically, so it must be involved in the nucleus DNA.


Mainstream science seemed to forget about the idea that sugar from a starved cell, being void of oxygen could be the problem – that was too simple!  Plus Dr Warburg’s ideas would render cancer treatment profoundly unprofitable.  So the era was born of research into expensive cancer drugs which typically cost upward of $100,000 annually and really don’t work. Since the 1950’s cancer death rates really have not changed much – are we really that advanced these days with our NEW & IMPROVED treatments?


Old Research back to the surface

Finally a researcher at John Hopkins named Pete Pedersen realized that Dr Warburg had been right all this time. They researched with injecting 19 cancerous rats with an inexpensive, nontoxic compound called 3-bromopyruvate, which “shuts the gate,” on sugar’s ability to enter cancerous cells.  Guess what happened?  All of the rats were cured and went on to have a normal life span.You can imagine how others in the business reacted to this?  So around the table it goes, who knows if it will be allowed to surface as being safe and effective?

Meanwhile, researchers have now caught up on what most of us already know in the “Natural” world of health.  Surprise, surprise, they discovered that a diet low in carbohydrates, with literally no SUGAR reduce tumor growth and improve survival in many types of cancer, especially of the COLON, GI TRACT and PROSTATE.

It all goes back to the mitochondria (the bodies “little batteries” that create energy for the cell), living a life of highly inflammatory processed carbohydrates can damage them. Mainstream science will keep studying the idea that it MUST be in the DNA, rather than the simple idea to starve the body of sugar and create more oxygen in the body.


What can you do about it?
NOW, let’s discuss some ideas on how you can treat cancer.
1)  Nutritional Ketosis – since cancer cells need sugar to create more cancer cells, lets just start there.  A diet that is SUGAR free and has virtually no carbohydrates; so no sugar, no starch.  The body can convert these carbs to sugar, anybody heard of the Paleo diet?

Sure you have and many other methods of meal planning that work just as well.  The Paleo still allows certain fruits, but you can always alter your way of eating for your condition, we do it every day. Your body than turns to fats for energy, ketones are the breakdown of fats, which only noncancerous cells can consume.  Well how about that!  Now I am not one to say you should also be completely vegetarian, that is your choice, but a diet high in fats like olive oil, coconut oil, organic butter, etc. and also fish, eggs, nonstarchy vegetables and organ meats which are nutrient-dense from grass fed animals is what can work.

Many people waste away when not eating enough protein, especially a cancer patient. Dr Thomas Seyfried, a leading researcher says to reach the “therapeutic zone,” you need to have your blood sugar to a steady level of 70-80 mg/dl and your blood ketones to 2-4 millimolars. This will starve cancer cells yet be great for your healthy cells, especially being sugar free.

Tracking your blood sugar and ketones can be simple, go to CVS or Walgreens and purchase the Medisense Precision Xtra blood glucose and ketone monitor by Abbott Laboratories. This will assist you in keeping track of your personal levels. A good time to monitor is before breakfast and 2 hours after lunch and dinner.  Keep track of what foods spike your blood sugar and avoid them.


2) Metabolic Drugs – there are inexpensive drugs your oncologist can prescribe for you, including drugs such as; 3-bromopyruvate known as 3BP, they can shut the doors on sugar’s entry into cancerous cells.


3) Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy – there are many forms of way you can receive treatment involving raising oxygen levels in your body, one but is hard to find is infusing ozone (saturated oxygen)directly into your veins, but another that you can find is a hyperbaric chamber.
There is nothing better than bathing your cancer cells in oxygen at high pressure. These methods can also boost production of free radicals. Another simple method of introducing oxygen to your body on a daily basis is using powdered oxygen, one we call OXY-DETOX from


4) Nutritional therapies – there are many ways to treat the body using nutritional products, hormones have to be balanced and deficiencies have to be addressed as well.  Specialized blood, urine & hair test will add to dealing with these issues.

One nutritional test that is highly specialized is called “Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA).  This technique is unique in itself and analysis the body in a whole different manor. The main idea here is to AVOID getting cancer and this will aid you in this matter.


5) Detox & Cleansing – this will be absolutely necessary to rid your body of the toxins from bad food, water, air and the 83,000 chemicals you are exposed to weekly. There are too many toxins to mention, but the many pesticides, herbicides and GMO foods are causing havoc on our entire nation from the food industry.  As far as the many cleanses they are easy to do and very inexpensive to perform.  You will need a guide to aid you with this venture.


6) Nervous system – this is where Chiropractic owns this corner of the block, you must relieve the pressure from daily stress from your nervous system.  Every organ, gland, muscle, etc. and bodily function operates from your spinal nerves.  Many times this part is overlooked, its sad that such a small amount of people actually even understand the art of chiropractic. For optimum health it is necessary.  Also you can include Acupuncture and massage in this area, all have a major effect of improving any medical condition, not just cancer.


7) Exercise – YIN type exercises are most important to a cancer patient.  YIN involves the more soft type movements replacing hard more intense type exercises. Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and others are great for this part. Walking is overrated, my opinion is you need more than just walking. You need to increase the vitality of the bodies systems which come from years of specialized type movements from many ancient civilizations.  Hey, if it worked for the last 6,000 years, you might want to just give it a try…


8) Emotional release – this is probably the most under viewed type of therapy there is, but it is probably the most needed.  Many studies are being performed on Meditation today, with wonderful results.

There are also so many numerous ways to release “trapped emotions” and from examining our past history, the “Old World” people will always tell you, you have what condition you have, because of emotions.  Meaning – you have created your condition by your thoughts, or should we just say; “Stinking Thinking” only makes you sick.

Dr Mick Hall wrote a book called; “End Illness Now,” he explains how emotions are making us sick in a more detailed fashion, I really believe he is right on his mark!

Gook luck with your personal research, you will find answers if you look hard enough.




It will make you FAT and SICK.

ENSURE – praised by the medical community, but horribly shocked by the alternative community that someone actually puts this in their body.

The drug company commercials show elderly people getting their energy back like it is “JOLT” cola, but it’s just a big fat lie.

Since 1973 this sugared water goo has been on the market, especially for the hospitals.  It has everything in it that can possibly be ALL wrong in the American diet, just read the label. Then again, imagine what is not listed on the label…

Let’s see; Sugar water, protein isolated from milk and soy and cheap synthetic vitamins. The label starts with Corn maltodextrin (a hyperprocessed starch made of glucose – sugar), and even tops it off with the wonderful flavor of sucralose (Splenda), which has been linked to shrunken thyroids, tumors on the liver and calcified kidneys.

If you want a better choice for the morning, here is a suggestion.


1 Avocado (or spinach or kale)
1 ripe banana (or frozen berries)
4 raw eggs (you can use the yolks only if you choose)
1 cup of almond or coconut milk

Blend and drink immediately

It’s loaded full of good protein and good fats – Enjoy!